Tando & cLAss

Press Release:
The unholy merging of Tando & cLAss began after an attempted heist of the Northwestern Music Department went terribly wrong. In the ensuing fiery destruction, a number of guitars, amps, computers, keyboards and bubbles were fused with the humanoid bodies of Brett Masteller and Zeke Sulkes, resulting in a 4-handed 2-brained monstrosity of sound: Tando & cLAss.

Basic Description:
Tando & cLAss is a free improvisation duo that blends EDM with noise/drone music. Zeke and I began performing as a duo in Chicago. For a couple of years, we conducted marathon rehearsal/improv sessions in my attic on Berteau Avenue. We recored almost everything using the “live-to-2” approach to aid in the promotion of gigs. Some of this music lives on the internet, some of it lives in the aether.

Listen to Tando & cLAss on bandcamp.

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