bazss_interlude (2006) is an 8-channel acousmatic work. It is the third in a series of pieces under the title bazss (all of which use the same source material from a number of improvised recording sessions focused on the letters – B A S S). In bazss_interlude, the source is just one sound, a scratch tone. The source was time stretched to reveal the complex sounds produced by a simple gesture. After the stretching, the sound was run through a spectral filter/spatializer that I created in Max/MSP to highlight different part of the spectrum. For the duration of the piece the scratch tone passes through the listening space in different frequency bands (e.g. the high frequencies start in the front and as the lower frequencies are revealed the sound gradually shifts towards that back). My intention behind the piece is to simply expand on a brief moment in time to be enjoyed over an extended period.

Below is a 2-channel excerpt of bazss_interlude.

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