Yellow House is a collective of theatre, dance, music, and visual artists passionate and invested in expanding our cross-disciplinary approach to making performance. The driving force behind Yellow House is to put design and performance in direct dialogue while exploring vast themes on both a personal and scientifically elemental level.

Topos (2012) was created and performed in Highland Park, IL at an old abandoned pumping station on Lake Michigan. The project was funded in part by a faculty development grant from Columbia College in Chicago, IL.

Members of the creative team:
Ann Boyd
Kurt Brocker
Sarah Hughey
Izumi Inaba
Brett Masteller
Jacqueline Penrod
Lisa Schlesinger
Chelsea Warren

Marcus Banks
Brenda Barrie
Kurt Brocker
Lucy Carapetyan
Peter Carpenter
Dan Flannery
Rachel Reaves

process, images and videos can be found here

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