The Presence of Absence

The Presence Of Absence (2013) is an art gallery piece conceived of by Sally Goers Fox and was first installed at the Barossa Regional Gallery in Tanunda, South Australia. The piece was created by Sally Goers Fox, Patricia Rose, Edith Zeller, Chelsea M. Warren, and Brett Masteller.

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Artist Statement:

This project arose out of the recognition that absence can be a palpable presence in life. By giving absence a place to exist, like a large rock in a stream, we respond and adapt to it. Rather than diminish us, it can enlarge and enrich life.

Stones/Air Collective is a group of far‐flung artists who collaborate via Skype and frequent‐flyer miles.

The Skype images and sounds are the raw materials used in this installation.

First is an experience, then a little understanding, and then words that try to express a tangible internal sensation. There is also an image. The artwork tries to approximate that complex “knowing” of an internal state.

But collaboration means that others bring their understanding and experience of a theme. In this case the theme is that of dislocation finally understood and valued. Something emerges which is the result of collaboration. Each one of us has had to surrender a little to the dictates of the work as it evolves.

A point of illumination came when we realized that the Skype images we were collecting during our long work sessions were themselves the images, the vocabulary of the piece. There is such richness in that between space.

We allowed absence to enrich us.

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