I Am Oliver

Yellow House is a collective of theatre, dance, music, and visual artists passionate and invested in expanding our cross-disciplinary approach to making performance. The driving force behind Yellow House is to put design and performance in direct dialogue while exploring vast themes on both a personal and scientifically elemental level.

I Am Oliver (2014) is a performance piece that is a translation of a site specific piece (Topos) into a black box theatre. The piece was created and performed at Columbia College in Chicago, IL. Funding for the project came from Columbia College through a faculty development grant and was premiered in the summer of 2014 with a subsequent run that fall.

Collaboration Artists:
Ellyse Bacig
Ann Boyd
Sarah Hughey
Izumi Inaba
Brett Masteller
Jacqueline Penrod
Chelsea M. Warren

Co-creators and Performers:
Lucy Carapetyan
Dan Flannery
Kendra Thulin

images and video can be found here

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