BowMu STUK MoBue (2019)

The performer is allowed to choose the instruments used in this piece of music. The sections of the piece define the instrumentation that can be used based on how the performer can interact with the instruments. The sections of this piece are: Bowed, Muted, Struck, Muted, Bowed. The performer is given a generative graphic score to view and interpret during performance. The sonic results of the performance are sent to a computer for analysis. The computer resynthesizes some of the data obtained during the analysis, in addition to some real-time transformation on the input provided by the performer. The computer processes the sounds created by the performer’s interpretation in a variety of different ways. The performer is also encouraged to react to and modify their interpretation of the graphic score based on the sonic results provided by the computer. The sonic results from the combination of the performer’s performance and the computer’s computing will vary for every performance of the piece.

BowMu STUCK MoBue was composed for Patti Cudd. The premiere performance was given on February 1, 2019 at Northwestern University.

Below is a rendition of the piece using a set of crotales.

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