mia-graik-mabta (2003)
marimba and computer

mia-graik-mabta was composed in the spring of 2003 at the Hiller Computer Music Studio on the campus of SUNY at Buffalo for the percussionist Satoshi Takagi and is dedicated to him. The piece is divided into six sections and each section is built around one idea. The computer processing ties the sections together. Throughout the duration of the entire piece, the computer is taking audio snapshots of the performance. The pitch information obtained from these snapshots is used to control a number of oscillator banks. With the marimba (as with many instruments), the dynamic level of the instrument is proportional to the overtones produced so the pitch tracker in the computer will not always relay the same frequency information when the snapshot is taken. These factors vary from performer to performer. Other signal processing techniques such as delays, harmonization, filtering, sample granulation, and chorusing can be heard throughout the piece.

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