First Thaw

First Thaw (2015) is a 4-channel acousmatic work. Between the time I have spent living in Buffalo and Chicago I have been lucky to experience 15 solid winters. The winter of 2014-15 was one of the most memorable winters I have while living in a hex house in Franklin, NY. Some days were difficult because of the isolation caused by snow drifts approaching the overhang of my house, some days were pure bliss in the silence of winter.

The source material for First Thaw was recorded one afternoon when I could finally see the grass at the edge of my house and was able to listen to the rhythms created by the drips of water on to the ground. I listened for hours, meditating on the sounds. Everything we hear has a resonance with our surroundings. First Thaw focuses on resonance.

(audio coming soon)

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