For Jon

For Jon (2002)
trumpet and 2-channel playback
composed for Jon Nelson

For Jon was composed to be part of a larger project titled TeloScope created by the performance art ensemble RANT and premiered at Big Orbit’s SoundLab in Buffalo, NY. TelosScope was a two day event with each day’s performance lasting over 5 hours and involved an ensemble of over 40 people in the areas of music, theatre, dance, poetry, and visual art. The project was funded by a SUNY Buffalo Honors Creative Development Grant. I created three pieces for this project, all based around the idea of gradually shifting tonal clusters, inspired by star clusters in the cosmos. Jon was given a small amount of musical material, a couple of phrases and some single notes. He used those materials, along with the fixed-media part to inspire his improvisation.

Below are a couple of excepts from day two of the TeloScope event.

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